Devman Device Management

Devman is a self-contained IoT device management server that is equally at home running on a laptop as it is running in a data centre, supporting 100,000s of devices while delivering the services you need 24-7-365.


  • Secure IoT device gateways and APIs
  • Time-series data logging and plotting
  • Rebrandable and multi-tenant admin
  • Time-series data storage & visualisation.
  • Cloud & on-premises air-gapped operation
  • Deployed in minutes, maintinable for ever
  • Host network configuration & admin
  • User accounts & permission matrix
  • Built-in asset CMS and scheduling features.
  • Extentable with app APIs and plugins.
  • Supports inxware no-code deployment.
  • Schedule creation and deployment
  • Mobile companion app APIs
  • Regularly security audited
Devman plugin UIs


Any type of IoT device can connect to Devman and benefit from outstanding monitoring and maintenance support with very little development using standard MQTT or HTTP API protocols. In fact devman has been used to monitor other server clusters as well as IoT devices using it’s smple, but secure connectivity. Where inχware device technology is embedded into your device bidirectional data will appear without a single line of code required, but otherwise simple XML and JSON data formats are easily coded into your firmware or edge client stacks.

Devman is highly scalable, but lightweight enough be deployed quickly and easily to on-premises infrastructure or cloud hosted. It includes support for IoT staples such as activity monitoring, alerts, OTA firmware updates and user access manangement, but is highly extendable with plugins to support application specific data processing, storage and custom UIs and dashboards.

A single Devman instance can host hundreds of thousands of devices (depending on application-specific compute requirements) for a few dollars/month of server costs/device. Devman also supports end-user device claiming and provisioning using the secure features of mobile devices to establish initial security credentials to map devices to end-user accounts. inx can provide several levels of SLA from miniumum software and secuirty maintenance to front-line customer application support.


Detailed access control for different user account types is easily configured across the range of stakeholders often involved in providing IoT services. Devman supports strict high level organisational segregation for multi-tenant operation, but within each organisation fine-grained user-defined access matrices can be created so you can decide exactly what is available and what is presented to individual users or user-group types. These powerfull conguration features apply consistently across devices, content, users and APIs to external systems.

Integrations with Devman are simplified using JWT token management for machine2machine API and apps. Device security supprots various types of CA and certificate updates and Signing requests. User portal account access also supprots multiple types of authentication from self-contained security and privacy compliant account creation to SSO using third-party services as described in the Compatabilities section below.

Technologies & Compatability

  • Supports mutual TLS authentication of MQTT & HTTPS connected devices.
  • Runs as Virtual Machine, Container or native on Linux & WIndows hosts.
  • User authentication includes SSO, MFA, OAUTH2, AUTH0 and WordPress e-commerce users.
  • Time series databe (TSDM), processing & visualisation:
    • Graphite database
    • Python processing and data acccess APIs.
    • Dygraph, VUE and REACT App examples for bespoke data visualisation
  • Unicast and mult-cast OTA/FUOTA device software updates via TCPIP & LoRaWAN.
  • Security certificate CA and CSR management consoles for user and device connections.
  • User configurable JWT token generation and management for APIs and Apps.
  • Terminal console for server TCPIP settings for LAN and private cloud infrastructure.
  • Generic date/time device function schedule management and UIs including SMIL media schedulging and bare-metal firmware firendly ultracompact schedule meta data.

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