What is inxware?

inχware is a platform for developing, deploying and maintaining software applications on any type of processing hardware. It is focused in embedded network connected (IoT) use-cases and it saves hundreds of hours of development work from PoC application development to large-scale deployment.

The two main components of inχware are:

  • Lucid – a No Code graphical application development environment (IDE)
  • eRT – a firmware platform provided as a ready-to-run binary or a buildable source-tree for porting and extending with new firmware components.

No-code Applications

Development tools with road tested software components that will literally “work out of the box”

Systems Integration

Firmware that works out of the box with permissive open source components that can be extended and customised for your platform and with your technology.

inx is based in the UK in the centre of Sheffield

Sheffield’s history in transforming steel into tools and products provides inx with the ideal roadmap to achieving the same with software & systems.


inx Limited
The Workstation
15 Paternoster Row
S1 2BX