IoT enable your next product with inχware and beat your competitors on cost, quality and time to market.

inχware can be integrated into existing electronics and new designs with commercial licencing support for high-volume and high-value applications.

Service Providers

inχware can quickly provide the integration solution to IoT enable services. Support costs and service differentiation can be improved substantially with smarter IoT systems. inχware platform runs on all standardised 3rd-party systems from $3 MCUs to Edge compute, supporting OTA update and secure cloud service connections.

Silicon & Module Vendors

inχware provides the fastest route for device manufacturers to adopt and deploy products requiring software. inχware is ported to all leading CPU architectures including ARM, x86 and Extensa. It provides seamless access to SoC specific features, FPGA IP blocks and hardware optimised software.


The inχware-lucid no-code environment illustrates and implements all the common structures of computer software, from those studied in high-school to formal methods of real-time systems. The no-code environment helps differentiate design and implementation and avoids wasted tutoring effort on syntactic distractions. 

inχware also provides an excellent IoT-powered laboratory automation platform, field data acquisition and IoT system design guide environment.

inxware is the no-code development environment that works on any eRT-enabled device. Tools you can trust from proof of concept to operational updates and remote debugging. Don't compromise on performance or waste time re-inventing how to make performant, reliable embedded software.

We are very proud to be a member of the arm IoT partner ecosystem.
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