Systems Integration

The inχware firmware platform is built directly with the underlying universal languages, C/C++. This ensures applications run as fast as the processor and integrates the enormous library of open source software support for your chipset and application.

The end-to-end IoT platform comprising of:

    • inχwareeRT – an event-based runtime environment for
        • ARM, x86, xtensa, RISC-V
        • runs on as little as 20kB RAM.
        • bare-metal/FreeRTOS/Linux/Android/Windows OSs

Component Based

inχwareeRT contains all the components needed for commercial grade security, reliability and performance on all hardware types. Components are arranged and managed as toolboxes, ranging from primitive logical and mathematical operations to complex subsystems such as media codecs and secured networking. 

Examples of the higher-level functionality built into the inχware component toolboxes include:

  • Comms Protocols:
      • HTTP, MQTT, TLS
      • Raw TCPIP/UDP sockets
      • MODBUS-RTU (&IP)
      • LoRaWAN 
      • Web services
  • Security Core:
      • Hashing
      • Encryption/Decryption
      • Key storage 
  •  IO:
      • UARTs & Serial buses
      • GPIO (PWM, ISR)
      • ADCs/DACs
      • File Systems
      • Time/Clocks
  • Media:
      • Streaming & Decoding (e.g. gstreamer, libvlc)
      • SMIL media scheduling
  • Graphics & UIs:
      • Mobile (OpenGL)
      • Embedded (Frame buffer)
      • 3D graphics
      • Widget & font libraries

Anything missing? Why not add it yourself? inχware function blocks can be designed graphically in an eclipse plugin tool, where you can integrate and develop any C-code into a function block and make it available to 3rd-parties using Lucid or to your application development team. Drop us a line if you would like to know more about integrating your IP and becoming a platform partner.

Platform Features

           On the Edge of Greatness? Do you need your devices to be smarter and more connected?

inχware device software includes a library of pre-integrated software components for security, networking, control, media and IO. Written in C and portable from bare-metal-ARM to Linux driven AI-enabled edge devices. These pre-integrated and road tested software components can be connected together with super-easy event-based graphical logic, which allows you to define robust applications that run with negligible processing overheads compared to monolithic C firmware. You can enjoy the same level of product control as with a high-level application environment but with the most appropriate and cost-effective device hardware.

inχware development tools let you define your product’s behaviour precisely but without the risks and burden of technology detail normally required for real production-ready embedded software. Our tools and runtime software work in a unique way which ensures the device platform remains robust, very lightweight and minimises risks of updates to devices in the field to the absolute minimum. inχware enabled devices have been running continuously in 6 continents for over 10 years with 100s of over-the-air (OTA) application updates deployed with zero execution errors.

Cloud and Networking Integrations

inχware supports all standard TCP/IP cloud-based IoT platforms (i.e. HTTP, MQTT) and also LPWAN and data gram based protocols (including LoRaWAN, NB-IoT). Reference applications demonstrating how to setup AWS, Watson & Azure are available to help work each providers various security and connectivity protocols.

These platforms can provide many enterprise integration benefits in addition to the huge range of compute services available on these platforms and are a very popular choice for service providers looking to integrate IoT into existing data management systems or looking to exploit generic machine learning and data science tools available.

Some clients prefer to use on-premises compute or cheaper bare-bones cloud service providers. In all cases clients can make use of part or all of our modular inχware Devman server software.  Devman pre-defines standard IoT device management services such as OTA, condition monitoring and network status and allows zero-config provisioning and onboarding of devices to the Devman platform from factory QA to maintenance and end-user support and billing. 

See the inχpage here for more information about Devman.

inxware is the no-code development environment that works on any eRT-enabled device. Tools you can trust from proof of concept to operational updates and remote debugging. Don't compromise on performance or waste time re-inventing how to make performant, reliable embedded software.

We are very proud to be a member of the arm IoT partner ecosystem.
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