No-code application development environments have been gaining ground in enterprise and web applications and it is now only a matter of time before no-code and low-code development become the mainstream in broader applications. There is however still quite a lack of rigour in many no-code/lo-code environments with some only offering configuration of applications, rather than programmability.

inxware Lucid is a true general-purpose programming language. Its visual environment is based on the fundamental concepts of software engineering design and implementation patterns. Whatever language a student during and after education should help them realise the core principles of software engineering: functional decomposition, iteration, data flow, object-oriented design, state machines, and event-based processing.

The inxware toolbox library also provides the perfectly distilled representation of system-level programming such as networking protocols, data handling, real-time systems and input/output processing.

inxware in the classroom

inχware includes all the elements of computer software from those studied in high school to those needed in research & development of high-performance systems. Students and researchers quickly get to grips with the fundamentals and important details of all types of software and system development avoiding time-wasting distractions of increasingly niche languages and platforms.

The graphical environment provides the perfect demonstration of state machines, event handling, concurrency, real-time processing, networking and security. Not only can they be implemented quickly without the nuisance factors of syntax and SDKs, students and tutors are also able to observe status in real-time using the graphical debugger.

inxware in the Lab

Choosing inχware as your next laboratory automation and data acquisition technology can provide low-cost and continuous access to your data. Many sensor technologies can be easily integrated onto off-the-shelf IoT processor & communication platforms. Data logging to your cloud or local data server can be configured in minutes using the highly configurable communications and data formatting function blocks to access gateways and server APIs.

inxware in the Field

IoT technologies can make studies of geography, ecology, the built environment or transport a simple web-based experience with only a few choices of processor, connectivity, power management and sensors to enable a fully remote data acquisition task to be fulfilled from the comfort of your lab, office or home. inx can even provide end-to-end sensor data logging and visualisation with the Devman IoT device management server. Devman is available on the cloud or on-premises installations.

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inxware is the no-code development environment that works on any eRT-enabled device. Tools you can trust from proof of concept to operational updates and remote debugging. Don't compromise on performance or waste time re-inventing how to make performant, reliable embedded software.

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